Cave outside of Blackroot.

Finding and following a trail of blood from Blackroot leads the group to a cave being guarded by what seems to be two half orc villagers. Upon approaching the Orc Wardens begin to attack the group along with two cultists that were hiding in the foliage around the mouth of the cave.

Once the threat guarding the cave was defeated the party moves in to discover a hall of living words. This narrow hallway has glowing crimson marks and symbols flowing along. The Group determines that all of the text is a list of names that seem to have be used or taken part in a ritual, of which the chanting can be heard but not understood from deeper in the cave.

Progressing deeper into the cavern following the sounds of the chants, a giant crimson glyph becomes visible,the group determines it is a trap but due to each person having a holy symbol of the dragon below the group is not harmed and able to open a secret passage leading to a treasure chest.

Heading back out from the secret passage the group makes it way into a cavern in which the ritual to which the chanting sounds have been originating from. The party dived head first into a battle with another Orc Warden, several cultists and a Dolgaunt Acolyte Dolgaunt Acolyte At the back of the room a giant Eye seems to be ever watching every move our group makes but seems to ignore the hostilities due to every participant carrying the holy symbols from before.



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